Helicopter Safari over the Okavango Delta Botswana  |  Okavango Delta, Botswana  |  Sweeping landscapes, herds on the move. I would say that one of the highlights of my trip around Botswana, has been the helicopter ride provided at Eagle Island Camp by Orient Express in Okavango Delta, Botswana. Stunning views of one of the last on growing deltas in the world, crystal clear waters, aerial views of hippopotamus and elephants on their own environment and the full adrenaline to be flying on an open doors helicopter in the middle of the Southern African wetland.
On the photo above, what you see is the silhouette of two hippopotamus from the air. This is the Okavango Delta as you have never experienced it before: remote, inaccessible lakes and islands seen from the sky. Your pilot’s voice is coming through on the headset. “Look to the right where a herd of buffalos is crossing the river. We’re going down for a close-up view.” Next, you’re soaring up again. “We’re heading to a higher altitude. See the formation of the channels and the way in which the water and land mass has evolved.”

Helicopter flights over Botswana are one of life’s big adventures. Hunting has rarely been done from above and therefore animals are unperturbed by aircraft. Surprisingly, you may hover just a few feet over great herds of zebra as they continue to graze, completely unconcerned.

Even more exciting, you may be able to touch down on an island far away from human habitation and stand in a spot that for thousands of years has been cut off from the world beyond.

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