Hold on tight to your printed Ticket with Amtrak | Philadelphia | Amtrak, Amtrak.com and specially the Philadelphia base, simply this is all I have to say about you and your customer service, you guys are a JOKE. In times of E-Tickets, Apps, Emails, when everyone meaning airlines, trains, buses, ferries, hotels… all over the world use E-Tickets or even iPhone Digital Tickets, you are holding customers hostage of your own archaic ways of doing business in 2011. Please Amtrak time to grow up and to stop charging customers for your lack of technology. Shame on you.!!’
To make the story short, since I hate writing bad reviews and it is rarely my style, but hey maybe I should right…. how about – The Chronicles of a Bed Bug, back to the subject next time you travel on Amtrak be carefull and hold on tight to your printed Ticket (old fashion I hear you boys). Yes that ticket that nobody uses anymore, that ticket that when you check in at the automated Amtrak Quik-Trak self-service ticketing kiosk they print for segments you wont be using until your return (that let’s be honest there are 90% changes you might loose, yes Amtrak extra money for you right, smart move in times of tough economy), that ticket – now I know – that if you loose regardless of having your useless confirmation number, the Amtrack Quik-Trak self-service ticketing kiosk bla bla bla will no longer recognize directing you to an Agent (thank God for human beings), whom after welcoming you to the fabulous Amtrack family and with a pearl white smile will tell you …” Oh no worries Mr. Melia, just pay for a new Ticket and you will be set to go and in New York in no time…” WHATTTTTTTT .? You must be joking right.

Hell no.!!!! Your email confirmation, your booking code, your Amtrack Rewards and your pretty smile, shove it where the sun don’t shines… Because as the Agent put it to her Supervisor …” He is trying to get a Ticket for Free…” Well Ms.Debbie Montgomery – Manager of Station Operations, I am not trying to get a ticket for Free, I already got one, the original Round Trip paid by the Tourism Office of Philadelphia, Round Trip as it shows on my confirmation Email and Booking Code # 00CCAB… OK.!!! Trust  me Ms. Montgomery, you were saved by the bell and not exactly the Liberty Bell, since all this happened 5 minutes before my train was leaving and to be honest I was not in the mood or interested on hanging there longer to chit-chat with you or your staff. Just because your system is not capable or advance enough to REPRINT a ticket purchased online, I hold hostage, punished and had to buy a new ticket (USD 50) to be able to get on the train. Nice way to get extra income from your customers Amtrak way to go.!!!
Amtrak – Enjoy your journey they promote, what a JOKE. Maybe I should have taken the ACELA that is business friendly and they would have taken care and helped me right away right… Mmmmm wait a minute, OH nooooo it is the same company and being that they charge over (USD 150) each way, I would have had to pay three times more than I did for my lack of responsibility and for trying – as they said – to sneak in and get a free ticket. Well now I know next time I will take Megabus or one of the cheap chinese Bus services, even THEY can reprint your tickets. CM

(All documents avaible for those interested to check this case further, or if any Amtrak representative wishes to fix this nonsense)