If Hot Air Ballooning is on your bucket list, there are a few places around the world I would recommend, and without a doubt Cappacodia is one of the top ones. 

Very early morning in Uchisar at my hotel, the Argos Cappadocia. Our pick up time was something around 4AM. But I was very much looking forward to this experience, hoping the weather would be on our favor. Cappadocia, is know for being among the top destinations around the world, for Hot Air Ballooning. The lunar landscape of Cappadocia Valley, in the Central Plateau of Anatolia and the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Goreme. Hundreds of balloon flying at the same time, taking over the sky. Just hop in your basket and join the hosts of brightly hued balloons that float above the region’s volcanic spires and honeycombed hills. 

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Uchisar in Cappadocia Valley UNESCO World Heritage Cappadocia Valley in the Central Plateau of Anatolia

Early Morning…

My morning began around 4AM at my hotel Argos Cappadocia, in the charming town of Uchisar. From there I was picked up and taken to the meeting point and fly zone. Typically lifting off is at sunrise, these rides last about an hour in the air and literally go wherever the wind may blow in the Goreme Valley. Note that this experience is weather permits, so I would suggest to book it as son as you arrive to Cappadocia, therefore you will have more chances to tick it out of your buckets list. Winds and weather conditions in the Valley can be unpredictable.

Upon arrival to the fly zone, we’ve enjoyed a magical experience, seeing hundreds of Hot Air Balloons come alive. The heat from the burners, keep you warm in the cold early morning. You will go from a monochromatic sunrise, to a rainbow of colors in the sky.

Fly Away…

By 6 AM we were ready to ascend into the atmosphere, along hundreds of other Hot Air Balloons, while admiring the region’s lunar landscape from above. Get aerial views of Cappadocia’s UNESCO World Herritage site eroded rock formations, valleys, and caves on an early-morning hot-air balloon.

Regular flights carry more people and don’t last as long, but they are more cost friendly. Although Private flights cost more, they will be only for you and yours, and will tay up in the air longer. The capacity of the basket again depends on the company and the flight. Regular Flight carries 20 to 24 people, while Deluxe Flight carries 12 to 16.