Hotel Check IN at Chiva Som Resort in Hua Hin  |  Hua Hin, Thailand  |  If you are looking for the ultimate Health, Fitness, Wellness experience, surround in an very casual but still exclusive environment, right over the waters of the Gulf of Thailand, then Chiva Som Resort should be on the top of your list. Whether you just want to relax and meditate, or get fit by professional personal trainers, detox, enjoy being pampered with spa treatments and massages, solve dietary problems or addictions, recover from an stressful or disrupting situation, you name it, Chiva Som is at the top with an excellent group of professionals and a welcoming friendly attitude to help you and make you feel at home.

Unfortunately I was not allowed, same as any other guest to use my camera or phone within the premises during my stay with them, following the rules of relaxation and confidentiality, due to the high profile of the guests visiting this resort, which goes from international celebrities multi millionaires, rich and famous. But again I would like to stress that it all happens in a very equal, relax and informal environment, which makes this place very special, cozy and fun. Most people relate the destination of Hua Hin, with retirement, elder people and boring, even yesterday a good friend of mine compared to the Florida of Thailand. Well I must say after my own personal experience, that I have never been to relaxed, pamper and well taken care than here. I would do my own analogy and compare Hua Hin to the Hamptons of Thailand.
Outstanding organic spa cuisine, providing healthy cuisine but with so many flavours you will never notice it’s good for you!  Chiva-Som is about learning to live, enjoy and appreciate every moment, and in so doing, creating a personal path to health and wellness. It is true, not the most beautiful beach area in Thailand, but Hua Hin has been the summer retreat for the Royal family, the rich and famous for decades, with a very interesting number of summer Palaces to visit. I am still dazzled, and hope not to offend anyone by saying this, by the similarities in design and concept of the pavilions and public areas, which are quite the same to Amanpuri by Aman Hotel in Phuket. Overall an amazing relaxing detoxing fitting experience, that I would love to repeat. More to come soon, now off to my 7AM Boot Camp and 8AM Yoga Class. Great way to begin a healthy day. CM

Hotel Check IN is a new section, where I will be posting a short comment on the property I have just checked IN, with a video of the room and my first impressions on the hotel and the service. This will later be completed with a full review upon my departure. (photo above: front facade of the hotel and lobby). CM

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