Hotel Check IN Le Negresco Hotel  |  Nice, France  |  Today after a fabulous stay in St Tropez for two days, I returned to Nice, which in many way is a smaller version of Paris. Same as two days ago, I checked IN at the lovely and chic, but veryyyyy eclectic Le Negresco Hotel. An institution in the city, known unanimously to be the best hotel in town, and I fully second that. I was here 4 days ago, when I got this stunning Suite overlooking the Promenade de Anglais, and the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This rooms have been renovated and modernized with some pop touches. 

Member of The Leading Hotels of the World, celebrating their 100 years. The house was initially built as the home of the Negresco family, suffered the Nazi impacts, becoming a hospital, and now stands proud in Nice as the top luxury hotel.

Now on this my second stay, I got to try one of the rooms on the other wing, which still remains untouched, and I must admit that I LOVE it. So chic, so Nice, so me….

I will be posting more about Le Negresco Hotel upon check OUT. I cannot wait for tomorrow morning to have breakfast once again over the outdoor Terrace along Promenade des Anglais at the La Rontonde Restaurant, which is based on the concept of a Carrousel. Special Thanks to the team at MJL Select for coordinating my stay here. Cheers CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends
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