Hotel Check IN Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi  |  Chiang Mai, Thailand  |  Stunning property, in old Lanna Thai style with touches of Burmese and British styles. 60 acres of land, including two rice fields, a temple, 5 restaurants, the Dheva luxury spa and a local village. I was accommodated into a huge Villa with two levels and my own private plunge pool. Disappointment: so far… that I will not have time to enjoy my villa in full, during the two nights I am here. Although the hotel looks like an old palace, Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi only is seven years old. A team of architects and designers from Chiang Mai’s University have work hard to create this ambiance, together with the private collection of antics from all over Asia by the owner of the property. See the video

Hotel Check IN is a new section, where I will be posting a short comment on the property I have just checked IN, with a video of the room and my first impressions on the hotel and the service. This will later be completed with a full review upon my departure. (photo above: front facade of the hotel and lobby). CM

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