How do you get from Bangkok to Hua Hin  |  Hua Hin, Thailand  |  There are many ways to transfer from Bangkok to Hua Hin, from the ultra fancy and exclusive of your private jet, to the basic and inexpensive train. I chose one of the regular ways of travel by local Thai people which are the Mini Bus, and it was a true experience mingling with the locals. No regular flights get to this Royal beach resort so Mini Bus sound like fair to me.
TBH 180 (USD 6) each way for an almost three hours drive each way. Mini buses to various destinations in Thailand, depart from Victory Monument in Bangkok at the Ratchathewi district. Take the SkyTrain Silom brunch and get off at Victory Monument Station. Once you are there… start asking around, since most of the sings are only in Thai. There are buses almost every 30 minutes, from 4AM in the morning till 9PM. The Mini Bus will go from Bangkok to Cha Am, and from Cha Am to Hua Hin, dropping you close to the downtown area. There are also several companies offering private transfers and LIMO Services starting from USD 145 on. End of the journey. CM
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