How to prepare a CEVICHE at El Kapallaq  |  Lima, Peru  |  If there is a dish that represents the Peruvian Gourmet experience, the classic Fishermen fresh CEVICHE it is the one. So I came to one of the best options in the district of Miraflores in Lima, Peru to learn how to do it, guided by multiple time awarded chef Luis Enrique Cordero Larrabure, owner of El Kapallaq Restaurant. Follow my Instagram Peru Photo Gallery for more tips, photos and videos. 

They kitchen has touches Peruvian roots of Basque cuisine (northern Spain) and Mediterranean. They are known for buying much of our supplies directly from producers. So they guarantee the quality and variety of our raw materials. They will show their customers a wide range of fish (from trout of the city of Puno to Paiche), shells, fresh potatoes and rare vegetables.
 The Restraurant Kapallaq opened on July 5, 1996. One feature of the kitchen is to use traditional tools Kapallaq wooden spoons and clay pots, allowing us to serve in the same pots you cook. Their chef Luis Cordero personally welcomes all customers because for us it is vital to create a personalized relationship.During its first fifteen years, The Kapallaq has collected numerous achievements in the field of gastronomy, one of them as the first place for Best Ceviche in Lima 2002.
 It is customary for those who lived in ancient Peru, accompany your meals with chili, dried or fresh prepared as previously done with salt dough and sprinkled on meats preserved for several days. Among these meats was the fish. It is known that eating hot peppers, stimulates, gives courage and endurance. Bring chili, salt and roasted corn to have the courage and strength to cross the Andes. It recommends eating chili to combat the famous “altitude sickness”. In the Andean pharmacopoeia, chili is still used to fight the evils of the head, stomach, eyes or to defend against insects and pests. The chili contains niacin, ascorbic acid, and capsaicin, which stimulates bile secretion and activate blood circulation, which seeks undoubtedly a sense of wellbeing.

Come and try one of the best Ceviches in Lima, jumping and cook your own, while you taste a classic Chicha Morada (classic drink made of Purple Corn, Cinnamon and Clove). For more information visit their site. Enjoy. !!! Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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