HUB Porteño homemade luxury experience  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Their slogan is Live you own local experience in Buenos Aires, and this is the HUB and heart of this new project that opened only three month ago, in the heart of the district of Recoleta. They propose six experiences based on all or any of the following: Art, Entertainment, Countryside, Tango, Culture and/or Polo. From the moment you step foot into HUB Porteño, you can feel and experience the sophistication and exclusiveness, achieved by using only native elements, materials and creations. 

Homemade Luxury, to me means bespoke service, resembling the true nature of the Gauchos, welcoming you with a warmth and professional informality that makes you feel special and taken care off, without distant stiffness or fake protocol.
At the beginning of last century lots of artisans and craftsmen arrived to Buenos Aires, seeking for a land of opportunity when war and the crisis pushed them away from their original countries. The city received them generously, and today you can appreciate part of these artisans refining work and extinguishing European legacies at HUB Porteño.

The first contact is the outer door that welcomes with a striking Art Nouveau ironwork craft specially designed by Juan Carlos Cantaluppo and his son Martin, who has nothing to envy to the Art Nouveau first Belgian designs.
The same applies to the stained glass lamps that crown the magnificent entrance hall completely covered in marble.

The textiles of llama and sheep that give warmth to the walls of Hub Porteño´s restaurant “Tarquino”, were spun with the same craftsmanship used in colonial times in Argentina Andes and Patagonia. Tarquino is the restaurant of the hotel, here you can enjoy your breakfast and lovely dinner under a glass dome with the main presence and noises of what I have named, the Tarquino tree . Modern yet traditional, Argentinean restaurant, with sophisticated homemade touches

Nestled in the most upscale block in the exclusive neighborhood of Recoleta, The Hub has 11 rooms designed to make you feel at home, providing all the amenities and services found in luxury hotels while leading you through new and unforgettable experiences throughout the city. I was hosted by them for two nights at a wonderful BACAN Suite. (aka. Bacan, the Argentinean expression for a bon vivant ). Bathrooms, mirrors and windows to the open interior gardens, are to me the true stars of this suite.

The video above is of one of the Suites. Leather, wood and pieces by artisans-artists like Angel Capano participate ornamenting ceilings, mirrors and furniture with gold and copper trim fillets. This artist was trained in the workshops of the Colón Theater, a privileged witness of the city’s magnificent cultural craft past. The carved mirrors, work led by Raul Vidal, are presented to witness the legacy brought to Argentina by the children of the Austro Hungarian, whose appreciation is now in vogue in the hands of world-renowned Philippe Starck. Finally, much of the chairs, tables, desks, antique porcelain, lamps and chandeliers were chosen in the marvelous and varied antique market in Buenos Aires.
The Rooftop Terrace is quite charming and promising to become a happening spot for only a few lucky ones in Buenos Aires. Ideal to celebrate private events or just to relax over a drink during the summer time.

Basic but fully equipped fitness center with beautiful open views to the inner gardens. Also HUB Poteño offers one massage room and a dry sauna.
Was everything outstanding, well of course not. They’ve just opened three month ago, and they need time to settle down and finally mature their own concept and personality. But they are welcoming feedback, listening very carefully to what people like I have to say, attitude that in no time will take them to be ranked and feature at Conde Nast or Travel & Leisure’s Best Hotels in South America List. I know I know, their website is a bit discouraging and tricky to navigate, but they are already working on the second version, which will fully portray the simplicity and sophistication of their approach.

Spaces with a strong local identity in a boutique hotel, draws on the tradition and the contemporary, Hub Porteño aims to be a reflection of what makes Buenos Aires a cosmopolitan city and that distinguishes her as one of the most attractive cities in the world right at the most traditional neighborhood Recoleta. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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