Kamala Bay and Beach Phuket  |  Kamala, Phuket, Thailand |  my first stop and destination in Phuket is Kamala Bay, a charming small fishing village in the southwest region of the island, approximately 40 minutes drive from Phuket International Airport. Two of the things that quite surprised me about Phuket are, first the size of the island – when I always thought that Phuket was a small island. Second the difference in prices compared to my previous destinations in Thailand. Six more nights ahead, exploring various destinations in Phuket, but today I came out of the shell of my beautiful luxury hotel, Paresa Resort, to explore the town and beach of Kamala.
First impression, as coming down the cliff from my hotel, was what a beautiful area, surrounded by tropical forest, with stunning views of the Andaman Sea. Second impression, once at the town was cute and charming little fishing village with a promenade that runs along the stream of the Kamala Bay, with lots of small bars and restaurants on the beach. Third and last impression, was spend a few hours in Kamala Beach and then head back to your villa.
Sorry everyone, and with this I do not pretend to sound snobbish or pretentious, because I am not… but the idea of lying on a plastic chair, surrounded by hundreds of tourists and empty bottles of beer and sodas, is not my ideal concept of a paradisiac beach experience. And this was my overall impression of Kamala Beach.
Now here is the insider TIP to enjoy this area at its best and with the best. First, the furthest you go away from town in line with beach, the nicer and cleaner the beach gets. Second, if you are staying at either the Andara Resort (Andara Beach Club) or the Paresa Resort (Kamala Beach Club), you will then enjoy the best of Kamala, since both offer clean private areas with bar service and comfortable beach beds, where you will be able to unwind and continue your resort experience.
So I spent two hours walking around and sat for a while at one of the beach “chiringuitos” – beach bars – to have a drink while enjoying the beautiful sunset. Then I walked along the main road (approximately 8 blocks) full of restaurants, stores and of course the classic massage parlors and bars with girls screaming “Hello Sirs”… ” Welcome Sir”…
Isn’t it a stunning sunset ? Nice relaxed atmosphere with people having drinks on the beach, and background music, very cool. But once the moon was out, I decided it was time to take my Tuk Tuk back to my villa in the cliffs, to complete my experience of the Kamala Bay as I like it and enjoy it. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator – www.carlosmelia.com

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