Lake Nicaragua Sailing Tour  |  Granada, Nicaragua  |  During our full day visit to the charming town of Granada, we made a quick stop at Lake Nicaragua, a freshwater lake of tectonic origin. The largest lake in Central America, the 19th largest lake in the world, slightly smaller than Lake Titicaca. 

The lake flows to the Caribbean Sea via the San Juan River, historically making the lakeside city of Granada, Nicaragua, an Atlantic port although it is closer to the Pacific.
The lake holds Ometepe and Zapatera which are both volcanic islands, as well as the archipelago of the Solentiname Islands. The lake has a reputation for periodically powerful, unnavigable storms.
We sailed for over and hour, with our own guide onboard telling us everything about the lake, the local communities, the history and formation of the lake and island, which are of volcanic creation. Incredible views of the Mombacho Volcano from the waters of Lake Nicaragua. Our guide share information such as the etymology of the word Nicaragua. Nica comes from the Nicaraguat, natives that use to live in the area. Agua, means water in spanish. The combination of both forms Nicaragua.
I did enjoy the trip, but I think it could have been cut shorter and maybe use a bit more modern and comfortable boat, with cocktails and some hors d’oeuvre, but hey fancy jaded me.

Funny enough, you would think the stars of the tour would have been the panoramic views, the islets and the volcanos, but my new BFF Cajun, is who kept everyones attention and kept all of us entertained during the second part of the sailing. Cajun is a white headed capuchin monkey, who loves to play and interact with tourist.

The lake is beautiful, to see the local people using their fishing nets and techniques is rather and experience, but I would have hope for either a shorter version or a more upscale experience. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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