Les Clefs d’Or recommends CarlosMeliaBlog.com  |  Carlos Melia  |   Today I have fulfilled one of my life/professional achievements. Maybe many of you will not understand what this means to me and the scope of this recommendation letter, but to receive this note and recognition by one of the most relevant, influential and professional associations in the world of luxury travel, means a huge step forward into my career, a recognition to years of work, the tolerance and acceptance to the LGBT segment, and my duty as a travel agent, luxury travel curator and blogger/reporter. Les Clefs d’Or represents what luxury and service is and should always be, an international network of premium concierges around the globe whom legitimize and certify the status and ratings of luxury hotels. Thank you Mrs. Virginia Casale – President UICH, Les Clefs d’Or Worldwide, I am humble and honored by your words and recognition. Always a pleasure and learning experience to work with Les Clefs d’Or Concierges. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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