LGBT BLOGS to the frontLGBT BLOGS moving to the front  |  Early morning preparing for my guest speaking session in LasVegas at the Travel Young Leaders Conference. Doing some research, I am excited to see that LGBT Blogs/Websites are ranking the highest in the most likely to use/read media. LGBT Blogs/Websites are showing a trend of growth of 34%. This is 14% ahead any other type of Media Consumption. Over five years ago I made my decision against all odds and when everyone told me I was wasting my time. Well here are the numbers people, and they speak for themselves. Travel Bloggers, we are moving to the front of the table. I remember when I used to go to Travel Trade and Media events, and be seated in the far back of the room. Nowadays I seat next to the most prominent Editors-in-Chief of traditional LGBT and Mainstream publications. Same happened over 15 years ago, when back in South America I decided to launch my inbound fully Gay Travel Agency “Pride Travel” and Pocket Magazine “The Ronda” this one together with a business partner. Not being self centered, just saying that when you have a dream and your gut tells you it is right, be proud and swim against the current. One day you will realize you were right. Then do not expect others to celebrate you, recognize your efforts or congratulate you, that is for loosers. Just feel proud and in peace with yourself and your decisions. Now CARRY ON.!! (source: Community Marketing Inc.) CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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