If you though Los Angeles and Hollywood was full of plastic and fake celebrities… Well you haven’t seen anything till you walk into Madame Tussauds Museum, and you see not only celebs but also politicians at their best. Just another night out in Manhattan with all my best friends… yes Kim Kardashian, you included.
Madame Tussauds history is a rich and fascinating one with roots dating back to Paris in 1761, and since, has blended over 200 years of history with celebrity. It is fascinating to see the perfection and detailed. You feel like a kid the minute you walk into the room, chasing after all the celebrities and ehhhhmmm some old ladies seating and resting, wondering why you are making pictures of them. (guilty of that). Tickets available online from USD 29. My dear Barbara Walters and me. Barb I am still waiting to come to The View… call me.
Gaga sweetie, today I heard some gossiping about you and The Oak Room at The Plaza Hotel. As a matter of fact, i was seating right at your table.
Kim pumpkin, please storm New York all you want, but leave your sister Courtney and Ryan Seacrest in Hollywood, not even Madame Tussaud can take it.
Michelle and Barack, what can I say… When the hell are we getting Gay Marriage in the US.?
Craig honey, take me home. I had enough. You all are sooooo boring. Noboby talks to me in this place.
Thank God that the Arab DJ was spining my favorite hits, to keep me entertained. (*) for more information | http://www.madametussauds.com