MANCHESTER PRIDE 2011 Parade  |  Manchester, UK  |  Today was the official 21st. Manchester Pride Parade, and I was there invited by Visit Manchester. We started around 12 noon and walk all around Manchester city escorting the genius and most infamous air hostess PAM ANN, all the way down to Manchester Gay Village. Check out the photos.
I have to say that I am quite impressed by the number of people assisting from all over the UK, Europe and overseas. A party not only for the LGBT community, but for all Mancunians (natives from Manchester) in general. PAM ANN lead the parade, which consisted on 100 floats representing various organizations, HIV charities, local gay venues, among many others, all celebrating the 21st. birthday of Manchester Pride, or how they like to call it here – Gay Christmas. !!!
Sorry boys, my only celebrity photo moment, I just could not resist to strike a pose with my new BFF the one and only PAM ANN before the beginning of the parade. Of your, she could not contain herself and made her trademark nasty comments and told me to F*** Off afterwards.
Beautiful sunny few hours in Manchester, as if the clouds had given us a short break from the on and off classic rain of this area. The sun shine all along the parade, allowing the crowd to enjoy the floats and cheer for their favorite ones.
As I said before, a party for everyone, LGBT, Straight, children and adults… even to those against the LGBT community who had their own moment and location to protest against our choices in life. Hey free speech right !!! Everyone has the right to express themselves. Now when you have almost 200,000 people in favor and celebrating, and only 10 protesting …. what does that tell you ?
More photos for to see experience Manchester Pride Parade 2011. Soon I will also be posting videos and a full Photo Gallery. HAPPY Mancunian Pride everyone. CM

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