Manchester come and fall in Love with the cotton city  |  Manchester, UK  |  invited by Visit Manchester, American Airlines and Machester Pride 2011, I spent a full week in this vibrant and charming city, which is one of the top destinations to be visited while in the UK. Only a few hours by train from London (by Virgin Trains), and with multiple connections to Manchester Interntional Aiport from all Europe and the Unite States. A brief into to Manchester into this post and follow or current and upcoming post on hotels, restaurants, tours and tips by clicking on the Manchester category. Trust me if you do not wake up in the morning from a beer hangover, then you have not been or experienced the real Manchester. I love MCR

The name Manchester originates from the Ancient Roman name Mamucium, the name of the Roman fort and settlement, generally thought to be a Latinisation of an original Celtic name (possibly meaning “breast-like hill” from mamm- = “breast”), plus Old English ceaster = “town”, which is derived from Latin castra = “camp”.
Much of Manchester’s history is concerned with textile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution. The great majority of Cotton Spinning took place in the towns of south Lancashire and north Cheshire, and Manchester was for a time the most productive centre of cotton processing. Not for nothing Mancunians (natives from Manchester) are have many symbols that represent them, but the BEES symbols are something you will find all over the city. The allegorical link to bees relates that during this Industrial Revolution, Manchester was a vital economic centre for Britain and many Mancunians were employed in a range of jobs in the city, they work like busy bees.
Canal Street and The Gay Village will certainly be one of the main hot spots of your visit, either day and night. But some of my absolute favorite areas during this visit, aside of Canal Street, have been MediaCityUK, Deansgate and Northern Quarters.
During this trip we tried several restaurants, but I found AUSTRALASIA to be the best and the one I’ve liked the most. For drinks and the MUST DO Mixology Master Class, go to The Alchemist.
I want to specially thank Visit Manchester and their whole team for making me feel like home, enjoying their friendship and the best that Manchester has to offer. (Photo above is of the group of L&G journalist that joined this press trip, from left to right: Ricardo Barios for JUNIOR Magazine (Brazil), myself, Matt Mills for Pink Triangle Press (Canada), Marie Lyn Bernard for (United States), Andrew Stokes CEO of Marketing Manchester and in the middle the LOVELY and fantastic group coordinator Emma White of Visit Manchester.
For those visiting for the first time, I strongly recommend visiting their Information Center right on the corner across Piccadilly Gardens on the lover street level of the Ramada Hotel Piccadilly. MCR Loves YOU. CM

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