Martin Notetsky Customer Feedback |  from United States  | Hi Carlos:  It was a great to meet you, too. Of course, you and I had been sending emails back and forth for quite a while, so I was looking forward to finally meeting you in person, I know that Phil was looking forward to meeting you too.  Our personal interaction with you as both a guide and a fun guy made our day very pleasurable.  We feel that we were able to see so much in the limited time that we had; one day is such a short time to see such an extensive city from a historic and cultural perspective.

You asked for a bit of a review of our experience at the Gay CIty Tour Buenos Aires and we’d have to say that we feel that we have a good sense of the look and the major attractions of the various Buenos Aires neighborhoods. Of course, you are the reason we can say this. We appreciated that you figured out ahead of time what attractions we should try to cover and worked out the logistics of doing this with Walter. You were great in always asking us what are preferences were and helped us to understand what we might get to see or perhaps miss with each option. Also, Phil and I experienced an extremely high comfort level because of your professionalism, your personality, and you being a gay man. On some tours that go well, there are sometimes remarks made by the guide or others that can be offensive even though they were usually said innocently. With you there was no issue with this. I specifically searched for a gay or gay-friendly guide on the Internet to insure that we would enjoy a very positive comfort level and because we both want to support with our money gay-owned businesses. With you, we were able to do both and feel extremely fortunate that I found you.

If I have any constructive criticism, it would be that you provide, either through your website or via email, a more detailed description of the attractions you expect to show your guests and the events you plan to do on your various pre-planned tours.   You could describe these as highlights with the understanding that the itinerary and schedule are open to modification when you and the guests agree to make changes as the day goes on. I haven’t had a chance to visit your updated website, so perhaps this suggestion is already something you considered and may have even already included. I will look at your website when I return home and provide feedback as you suggested I should. I know that while we were touring you were taking photos to incorporate into your website.

We’ve talked to the other four guys with whom we are traveling about what we saw with you and things you’ve said or done.  We think they would have really enjoyed being a part of it, but we’re actually glad they declined so that we were able to make it just the three of us. This way we got all your attention and were also able to enjoy more detailed conversation about our various life’s experience, politics, etc. Thanks for a wonderful experience.   Marty and Phil

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