Mary’s Fish Crap (Camp) | West Village, New York |  One of this never again, stay away, what was I thinking moments of your life !!! Oh thank God. !!!! I have been having this withdrawal lately of doing a really bad review, and for those who follow me, you know it is against my editorial policy to go for this type of post, but Hey when you earn it you get it. !!!!!  I am not even going to post a photo of this place, because I do not want to drive any type of business to them EVER, and I know there are some weirdos out there, that just because I say it is bad, that would be a motive for them to go… We arrived to this place around 7.30PM and the (drama) host told us that there was a TWOOOOOOOOO hours wait….. you can imagine my face, on top of realizing that they do not even feature air conditioning into their restaurant amenities. But it was a special occasion, our friend’s Mark, and he wanted to eat there, so we all agreed with this nonsense. Be listed for five people and head away for drinks in the Village.

Well we got a call from (drama)Host almost one hour and thirty minutes later (too long right) saying that our table was ready, BUT here was the moment, when we committed the most aberrant act ever, yes ladies and gentleman, one of the members of our group had to leave, so instead of being five now we were four, biiigggggg drama right. Well apparently this was the worst thing ever that we could have done to the petite Maitre D of this petite crap restaurant. He denied our table (I guess it was too difficult to pull one chair out of the F*** table) and cursed us for the rest of our existence. So, just because we are worth it, WE LEFT … you crazy freaking …. (drama)host.

In the end we found this little amazing Italian restaurant, only a few blocks away, where they happily took our big fat check of several bottles of Prosecco, food and deserts. After all we only wanted to celebrate our friend Mark’s Birthday. And I am so happy it was in a nice please with positive energy. So my friends stay away from the Mary’s Fish Camp. So the Lousy Service Carlos Melia Award goes to Mary’s Fish Camp (Crap). And if you think I am just having a moment, log into YELP and read the reviews and comments by other customers of Friday July 1st, priceless . CM