Today while walking around the bohemian and interesting area of MERCADO DEL PUERTO in Montevideo – Port Market – I was introduced to a typical drink of this city, that from now on… among many others have become a new addiction. Not for nothing in less than an hour two full bottles of Medio y Medio were rolling empty along the alleys of the market.

Medio y Medio is made of 50% White Wine and 50% Champagne or Sparkling wine. The best and most traditional spot for your Medio y Medio experience is the Roldo’s Bar, which since 1886 surprises customers with this great drink. So heads up and hey… among us… the bartender was a true eye candy.. CM

(*) If you plan to visit Montevideo, you cannot miss a visit to the area of MERCADO DEL PUERTO. I will blog about this tonight. !!!!