Millennium Bridge London  |  London, UK  |  As many of you may know, London is a city of bridges. Bridges that each tell a story and a time in history. The Millennium Bridge, also know as London Millennium Footbridge, is my favorite, telling the most recent one. A steel suspension bridge for pedestrians crossing the River Thames, linking the St. Paul’s Cathedral (Mansion House Tube Station) and the TATE Modern (Southwark Tube Station).

The design of the bridge was an innovative effort from Arup, Foster and Partners and Sir Anthony Caro. The bridge was inaugurated on June 2000, but unexpected lateral vibration during the first two days after being opened, caused the bridge to be closed for over two years, till February 2002. The Millennium Bridge, was featured in one of the Harry Potter sagas, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. What amazes me is how the bridge connects back to land in a very seamless way, turing into a regular street and esplanade to the St. Paul’s Cathedral. CM

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