Millesgarden Museum, Park and Garden | Stockholm, Sweden | The newly married artist couple Carl and Olga Milles acquired a property 1906 on the cliff of Herserud high above lake Värtan on the island of Lidingö. Their intention was to build a home incorporating space for their art studios. During my last visit to Stockholm I spent a whole morning walking around the breathtaking white capped gardens, to finish inside the house with a private lunch with the director of the Museum, the only and only “… Randy…” trust me a complete character. 
The house was designed by architect Carl M. Bengtsson and was built 1908. During the following half-century Millesgården was expanded and developed in collaboration with Carl’s half-brother, architect Evert Milles.In 1936 Millesgården was constituted into a foundation, which was donated to the Swedish people. In anticipation of Carl and Olga’s return to Millesgården, 1950 saw the construction of the spacious lower terrace with monumental replicas of free-standing and fountain sculpture from Sweden and the USA.
In garden design Carl Milles was a daring improviser, being able to freely integrate such diverse architectural fragments as columns from Gustav Ill’s opera house, a marble arch entrance from Stockholm’s demolished Hotel Rydberg with a steep stone cliff site transformed by monumental stairways and juniper planted terraces.
One highly personalised garden room is Millesgarden’s Little Austria (1924) con ceived as a surprise for Olga Milles to cele brate her 50th birthday. Being all too aware of his wife’s permanent homesickness for her alpine homeland, Carl chose a steep, stony hollow and with plantings of alpine flora, and a scenography of two wayside pieta chapels, a large wooden replica of a medieval Christ on the crucifix and a lime stone baptismal fount created a fantasy evocation of Olga’s beloved Austria.
To further the Mediterranean char acter of the building and landscape fresco painting, straight black and white marble paths, crowned by columns lead to the log gia. Between the paths pines are planted together with birches for a touch of Nordic spice.
This playful Nordic/south European hybrid, heightened by the bubbling Triton fountain and colourful plantings never fails to charm visitors from the south.
Millesgarden is located at Herserudsvägen 32, at Lidingö Island. There are subway lines, direct buses all heading to Ropsten. For more information do not hesitate to check their official website.

Bistro Rosenterrassen is located on the Middle Terrace in the sculpture park. In the Bistro we serve lunches and dinners, homebaked cakes, coffee, tea. Enjoy your meal with a fine selection of wine and beer and other beverages. In the wintertime you can enjoy your meal sitting in the wintergarden or have your cappuchino by the fireplace. In the summer you can sit on the openair terrace. You can book the Bistro for different occations such as breakfast meetings, business lunches, birthday parties both daytime and in the evening.
Thank you Randy and Visit Sweden for welcoming us during our visit to Millesgarden and offering us an amazing reception with warm wines and later lunch at this spectacular room surrounded by sculptures and the most amazing view of Millesgarden Park.

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