Monkeys raid stores for food at Takiap Hill in Hua Hin  |  Hua Hin, Thailand  |  This morning I went out of my resort to explore the area a bit, and top on my list was to visit the Fishermen Village and the Standing Buddha, but of course once I got on the Tuk Tuk, my driver had plenty of other options he wanted me to see in exchange of more money. Most of these hills in Huan Hin house a temple and a Buddha statue. The hill of Wat Khao Takiap is no exception to this, and was the one I came to visit.

I will be posting about the temple later. But now I want to share with you this videos of hundred of monkeys, which roam around the Takiap Hill looking for food, flocking and raiding stores, which in fact are already well prepared to their attacks. This is right next to all the temples. CM

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