IMG_7226Early morning biking Old Bagan and the Archeological Site  |  Bagan, Myanmar  | Morning Biking Old Bagan and the Archeological Sites. One of the many off-board activities in the program of my 4-nights experience onboard the Belmond Road to Mandalay Luxury Cruise. It was an early morning and it was sublime. Waking up to see Bagan come to life, was an unique experience. Thanks to our expert local guide, we venture into the Archeological Site and explored beyond the beaten path. It happens that he grew up there, and he was generous enough to share experiences and hidden gems not available to regular tourists – this is the Belmond factor. Follow my Myanmar INSTAGRAM Photo Gallery.
So our local guide – Soe, my friend Tom and I, got off-board the Road to Mandalay Cruise – trust me you really just want to stay onboard 24/7 – and spent over 2 hours biking around Old Bangan and the Archeological Sites. Mingling with the locals, climbing atop Pagodas to to enjoy panoramic views of the site and the banks of the Ayeyarwady River. Now my favorite part, if there was one, was the end of our tour, visiting the Belmond Community Clinic. Contributed by passengers and staff of Road to Mandalay and Orcaella cruises. So basically, when you travel using their services, you are helping people of Taung-bi and the surrounding countryside with much-needed assistance. Indeed, what and marvelous, inspiring morning. Hope you enjoy my photo album and video. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –
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