My day at the Chateau de Versailles  |  Versailles, France  |  What a brilliant day exploring and walking along the gardens of Chateau de Versailles and inside the Chateau itself. So happy I decided to stay overnight in Versailles, at the fabulous Trianon Palace by Waldorf Astoria right next to the Palace sharing the gardens with them. The rest you can read and see it all in images and videos below.

I left this morning from Paris at 12 noon from Gare Saint Lazare, and arrived 40 minutes and 4 EUROS later to Versailles. Checked IN at my hotel, and just strolled a few blocks away to the Palace itself. See how civilized our train ride was.

Me reporting LIVE from the Palace after spending almost two hours touring along all the halls, rooms and ballrooms. Such a stunning experience.

Chateux de Versailles and its gardens, form one of the most famous world heritage monuments and stand out as the finest French art in the 17th Century. The old brick and stone palace of Louis XIII, was transformed and greatly enlarged by his son Louis XIV.

The town that was built around the Palace offers many examples of their rich past. Churches, towns houses, old squares and streets. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to visit the Trianon and the Maire-Atoiniette’s Estate, and Mondays the Palace is closed. So in a way, a great excuse to come back.

My absolute favorite room was the Hall of Mirrors. There are dozens of chandeliers, beautiful golden statues, huge arched windows, well no need to say more, just watch the video.

And after an amazing day walking around, ready to head back to my lovely hotel, the Trianon Palace Versailles. Shower, spa, hamam and off to the small French Bistro that the Les Clef’s Dor Concierges have chosen for me. Cheers CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends
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