My day driving around Saint Barthelemy  St. Barth, West French Indies  |  So this morning I woke up and my hotel, the beautiful Le Sereno Hotel informed me that they had arranged for at MINI Cooper Convertible for me to, to explore and drive around the Island. So after a great breakfast, overlooking the Baie Grand Cul de Sac I jumped on my perfect island transportation, and ventured to explore St. Barth for the first time.  Stops at Gustavia (aka. downtown), Plage des Salines, Gouverneur Beach and Loirent. A stunning sunny day, striking natural beauty and vibrant colors that only unspolied nature can produce.
What a great sunny warm day, away from the cold winter of New York, in the West French Indies, feeling in between the best French style and the breathtaking beauty of The Caribbean. A question kept going over and over my mind… do you need to be beautiful and sexy to live in St. Barth ? WOW the men and women here are not only stunning, but they have class and great taste to dress and conduct themselves. An island where they say it is impossible to have a bad meal. Drove my Mini Cooper up and down the hills, and along all the beach areas. Easy to drive around, and with many panoramic points, that compliment the natural beauty of this island.
Aren’t these colors just AMAZING ? And I was just taking photos randomly. As I always say, in all fairness, I have never been a huge fan of The Caribbean, but St. Barth has fully taken me be surprise, and for sure this will not be my last time here. Of course the staff and management of Le Sereno Hotel, have made the difference on my visit, planing everything and making sure that out of my three days in the island, I get to see and enjoy all there is here to see and experience.

Full photo gallery above of my day touring around. And below a short video of Loirent Plage.

I must say that St. Barth reminds me a lot to the Balearic Islands, and also a bit to Punta del Este in South America. Same atmosphere, happening and crowd. Where during the day all is about having a great time outdoors, and at night dress up and be seen at the right places with the right people.
Special Thanks once again… to Le Sereno Hotel, MJL Select Hotels for my stay in Saint Barthelemy and T-Christopher for the lovely swimwear. I still have two more nights here, before heading back to New York. So summer time. !!!! CM
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