FullSizeRender 79My Dinning recommendations by experience for when in ‪‎Shanghai‬ ‬  | Shanghai, China  |  From top to down and dirty, here are my top gourmet experiences in Shanghai, on both sides of the Huang Pu River. Hope you enjoy my recommendations and Bon Appetite. !!!! 

FullSizeRender 90Sir Elly’s Restaurant at The Peninsula Hotel Shanghai. Dinner at Shanghai’s premier destination venue and my favorite dinning experience on the Bund, followed by cocktails at the chic and happening Sir Elly’s Rooftop Bar & Terrace over looking the Oriental Tower, Pudong and the Huangpu River. Sir Elly’s Restaurant, Modern European cuisine with a French twist. Breathtaking views of the city and in our private experience, UBER romantic. Sir Elly’s wine list offers an impressive selection of over 400 labels, ensuring that diners will find the right pairing to suit any mood or occasion. Then we moved on to the bustling Sir Elly’s Rooftop Bar & Terrace, where we had our table booked overlooking the glittering skyline of Pudong. FYI the dirty Vodka Martinis where amazing. I also did a full walk around the Peninsula Hotel Shanghai, and I must say, I was quite impressed with it. 
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FullSizeRender 25 FullSizeRender 48FullSizeRender 96 FullSizeRender 93 FullSizeRender 72 FullSizeRender 49 FullSizeRender 91 FullSizeRender 89 FullSizeRender 18 FullSizeRender 97FullSizeRender 88 FullSizeRender 95 FullSizeRender 81 FullSizeRender 77 FullSizeRender 38 FullSizeRender 7 FullSizeRender 55 FullSizeRender 53 FullSizeRender 58 FullSizeRender 73 FullSizeRender 80 FullSizeRender 13FullSizeRender 99 IMG_9566Next experience worth checking out, is Jin Xuan Restaurant located on the 53rd floor of the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai Pudong. Followed by after cocktails at Pundong’s hottest rooftop bar and terrace Flair. Jin Xuan showcases the very best traditional Cantonese cuisine amidst spectacular décor and superlative warm service. Chef, Daniel Wong, has been named Chinese Executive Chef at Jin Xuan for The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong, bringing more than 20 years of hands-on experience. His authentic, yet creative, Cantonese cuisine inspires patrons from Shanghai, China and beyond. Flair, a very fashionable and cool lifestyle lounge in Shanghai serving Asian tapas and raw seafood bar, located on the 58th floor. This time on the other side of the Huangpu River in Pudong, with panoramic views of The Bund and Puxi. I also did a full walk around the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai Pudong, so do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

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FullSizeRender 102 FullSizeRender 14 FullSizeRender 43 FullSizeRender 47 FullSizeRender 52 FullSizeRender 56 IMG_9568 IMG_9567 FullSizeRender 92 FullSizeRender 78 FullSizeRender 70 FullSizeRender 8Ok now we are done with the fancy venues – which I LOVE – and lets move to other options. Just so you know, I like to dine like a King, but for lunches I like to go down and dirty and local. Here are two options for lunch and a great location to do the Chinese Tea Ceremony.
FullSizeRender 67Tian Zi Fang Market in Puxi – which by the way I found it to be my favorite district in Shanghai, being full of local personality and feeling original to its roots, unlike modern Pudong. At this huge market you can find hundreds of options to eat on the streets or at a restaurant. There are plenty of local artisans, artist and stores in the market for you to spend at least half a day exploring. My options here were: some Chicken and vegetarian Baozi first – Chinese steamed buns, followed by one of my absolute favorite Korean dishes, Bibimbap. 
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FullSizeRender 20 FullSizeRender 64 FullSizeRender 84FullSizeRender 3 FullSizeRender 59 FullSizeRender 65FullSizeRender 33Next stops – on the way to my final destination at the Confusius Temple – was to enjoy the street food along the area of Wen Miao. All I can say is… this was noodle soups galore. No place in particular, just walk around and risk it to your favorite food car or pseudo restaurant. Call me crazy, but I love food street specially in Asian countries like China, Thailand and specially India. Yes I have paid the price, but this food is well worth a stomach flu. 
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FullSizeRender 26FullSizeRender 10Final stop was the Shanghai Confucian Temple, where we did a lovely Chinese Tea Experience – and shopping ha ha ha. Shanghai Confucian Temple, also known as Wen Miao Temple. is an ancient temple and was built to pay homage to Confucius. It is the main temple of Confucius in Shanghai, and is similar to the renowned temples as the original Temple of Confucius in his hometown Qufu,

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FullSizeRender 16FullSizeRender 34FullSizeRender 35FullSizeRender 42FullSizeRender 60FullSizeRender 54FullSizeRender 75FullSizeRender 100FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender 104FullSizeRender 105FullSizeRender 98End of my gourmet journey in Shanghai, heading back to my hotel in Pudong, the Four Season Hotel Pudong to chill and relax enjoying the panoramic views from my room. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator – www.carlosmelia.com
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