My experience onboard LAN Airlines  |  from New York to Lima, Peru  |  On my way to Lima, Peru from New York City, after some research I found out that LAN Airlines, would be the best option to fly to South America and connections within Peru. A short 7 hours flight away was made even shorter due to their excellent service, full onboard entertainment system and comfortable seats with reasonable pitch in Economy Class and wide space in Business Class. Yes my dear friends, for the sake of giving you a full report, this time I had to turn both left and right upon boarding the plane. All to show my commitment to you all ha ha ha…. Well actually on LAN Airlines for this route, you only turn right since you will have to pass through Business Class to later get to Economy. Follow my Instagram Peru Photo Gallery for more tips, photos and videos. 
Boeing 676-700 all the way from New York JFK International Airport to Lima, Peru. As I always say, with the perfect departing schedule at 10.50PM, you will only have a nice dinner, a relaxing cocktail, one or two movies, some sleep and you will be at your destination to enjoy your full day either in Lima or at any other alternative destination LAN Airlines can take you being the biggest airline in South America (specially now after the acquisition of TAM Airlines) with main hubs in Lima – Peru, Santiago de Chile – Chile and operations in Ecuador, Brazil and Argentina.  Members of the alliance OneWorld, and now after the merge with TAM, you will be able to accrue miles either with Fidelidade or LANPass, but also benefit from all the perks of their strategic alliance with AAdvantage.
If there are a few things I have to say about the services that I did not like, would be: (a) they are not the most punctual airlines I have flown. Maybe it was just my luck but all four of my flights both international and domestic, were delayed from 30 minutes to an hour. Anyhow someway they always managed to get to the final destination on time. (2). The onboard entertainment system, despite of being very good with lots of options, it is not very easy to play, select the movies, see what is being shown, and each time I wanted to pick a movie, I would have to go through the process at least two times. Choose my language over and over…. when it should be only done at the beginning. (3). This usually is a given to most airlines, but hey…. it does not cost much to smile…. The agents at the Check IN counter, specially in Cusco, could not be more unfriendly. I mean, this is the first impression, which will set out mood for the rest of the flight. I know you guys are busy and stressed, and have to deal with a lot of crap from customers, but some of us are nice and we deserve the same in return right.
Now back to the many positive things on my experience with LAN Airlines. I have always been fond of them. When I used to live in Argentina, I would fly them regionally, domestic and international to Madrid or Paris, and always enjoyed great service. If I would have to define LAN Airlines, I would name it the TOP options to fly inbound/outbound to/from South America.
One the segment New York to Lima, I flew Premium Business Class. Got direct access to the lounge at JFK and waited for my flight comfortably. Once on board, the configuration was 2/2/2. Seats were rather narrow, but very comfortable, with a wide pitch. The seat turns full flat bed. Nice blankets and pillows. Basic necessaire inflight kit.
Food selection was outstanding and very tasteful. Wide selection of wines and champagnes. The option for a express or full dinner. You would be surprised how many people do not even take their dinners of board. SO NOT MY CASE, for me it is like a ritual.
What surprised me was that upon arrival the captain gave the good morning to everyone, and announced that we were landing in 30 minutes. And I wonder, where is my breakfast, I mean it is almost 6.50AM in the morning…. can I at least have a coffee. ? Well apparently that was not part of the menu, and barely I convinced my flight attendant to help me with a cup of black tea, but he said… you must drink it fast. I thought to my self…. how do I do that and still have time to go to the restroom to get my beauty flash before getting off the plane…. I had people waiting for me outside ha ha…
My next four flights were all in Economy Class. The two domestic ones between Lima – Cusco – Lima (there is only one class on this flights). The only comment on this was that they tried to charge me for extra weight, without applying the rule that since I was on an international itinerary I was supposed to be allowed more that those flying only domestic. SO KEEP THAT IN MIND my friends. All flights were excellent and being segments of approx. one hour, they come through the alleys two times with beverages and the give you a box with crackers and chocolates…. a nice touch.
As for my flight back to New York, this was a perfect connection. Cusco / Lima (one hour connection) and Lima / New York. On the second segment I got what I always call, the Ghetto UPGRADE, where the agent gave me a 2 seat on the left side of the plane and blocked them all for me. It was totally fine.  You can always lift the arm rest and have the whole space for you…. and I love my windows to rest my head while watching a movie. The pitch between seats again was fine… and they have this system that when you recline your seat not only you recline you back, but also the bottom of the seat moves forward, which allows more comfort taking less space. OH before I forget, in all classes in between seats you have power outlets. But no WiFi at all.
Also something that I found quite annoying at the airport of Lima, that nothing has to do with LAN Airlines, since it is common to all airlines, is that there is not transit lounge connection. You have to walk out of the arrivals area, go to the departures, and ONCE again strip down to clear TSA and security to get back into the departures gates…. does not make much sense right, specially if like me, you are in a very short connection timing. Just a suggestion !!!! So overall my experience with LAN Airlines was very very satisfactory and without a doubt I would fly them again on my way to South America, either to be in Business Premium or Economy. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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