As soon as I landed in Muscat, Oman, I was picked up by my driver and off I went to my overnight desert glamping experience, at the Wahiba Sands Desert…

The drive from Muscat to the Wahiba Sands Desert, on my 4×4 Wheels Drive Jeep took approximately ¬†2 hours. Once I arrived to the camp, I was immediately shown to my luxury tent. I spent in total one night, two days in the desert. All my meals and tours were fully included. On the way back from Wahiba Sands Desert to Muscat, you will have the option to do it direct, or to have a stop at the Wadis ( aka. oasis ), which indeed was my choice, but that is for another journal post. Enjoy my overnight desert glamping experience at the Wahiba Sands Desert.

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Wahiba Sands Desert The Sharqiya Sands is a region of desert in Oman, The region was named for the Bani Wahiba tribe.

Getting there

You will be picked up on a 4×4 Wheel Drive Jeep, either at your hotel of choice or the airport, as it was my case. The drive from Muscat to Wahiba Sands Desert takes approx. 2 hours. The first hour and half is by highway, but the last part as you can see below, is across the desert, and through the dunes. I was on this tour on my own, so I had a private car with my own driver. For those of you choosing to drive yourselves around, this is also an option. You will drive to the point where the desert line begins, and from there the camp, will send a 4×4 Wheel Driver to pick you up and drive you through the dines to the camp.

The Camp

This was the Camp where I had and spent my overnight Glamping experience in the Wahiba Desert in Oman. My own private One-Bedroom Luxury Tent, fully air-conditioned and with my private bathroom. I would say there were around 40 tents in the camp, which was surrounded by dunes. Tents are distributed in a way, that everyone can have a view and full privacy. The package I booked, was fully inclusive of all my activities, meals and transfers.