New York Gay Pride March 2011 |  New York City |  This year more than ever, New York City celebrated its annual Gay Pride March that runs along 5th. Avenue from 36th. Street to the West Village. The main topic this year was of course the Same Sex Marriage bill approved hours before the March. This year, like I have done in Spain (Madrid) and Belgium (Antwerp), I got a March Media Pass, and here I brought to you the Pride March seen from within, documented with photos and videos.
Multiple LGBT and Mainstream associations, groups, brands like Kiehls and Macy’s, politicians and only a few celebrities like Linda Carter “Wonder Woman” and Tony Sheldon “Priscilla Queen of the Desert”.
I love New York and the energy that everyone had yesterday, gay, straight, transgender…  everyone was having fun, celebrating and supporting Gay Pride. Now as an event, the overall parade compared to other Gay Pride worldwide, I have to admit that, being New York and the day after the Same Sex Marriage bill being approved, I was expecting much much more. For many moments it felt short to me, the floats, the music, the flow of the march… etc. A long way still to rival Madrid or Sao Paulo Gay Pride. Don’t hate me, just constructive criticism. Come on is freaking  New York City, for many considered to be the center of the world, with celebrities and brands (which make lots of money off the gay community) falling off the map…show us some more love please! Anyhow it was a party of the people, a party that most all New Yorkers owned with pride,  regardless of their walks of life. The perfect closing event for the new era, the time of legal Same Sex Marriage.