On my way to South Africa on South African Airways  |  London Heathrow, UK  |  Great flight from London Heathrow to Cape Town International Airport by South African Airways. Although the plane was delayed, this had nothing to do with SAA and the pilot managed to have us in Cape Town as quick and safe as possible. Either if you are flying from Europe, North America, South America or Asia, SAA is the best way to begin your South African experience and gateway to the rest of the Black Continent.
Great entertainment system with over 15 new movies. Comfortable pitch in Economy Class to stretch your legs and sleep. The crew was very friendly and attentive to all our needs and requests. Very descent diner and breakfast with two options on each case. Free alcoholic drinks with you diner. They even provide a small sanitary kit to each passenger flying in coach. Overall experience was 100% satisfactory, I would definitely fly them again, in fact I have no option than to fly them back to London ha ha ha, and I feel very comfortable with that. If you happen to be in New York City, know that SAA now offers daily non-stop flights from connecting New York to Johannesburg, and connections all over South Africa and rest of Africa.  CM

(*) Check South African Airways website @ www.flysaa.com