Patong Beach Town a whole experience  |  Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand |  So tonight being my only night in Patong Beach, I decided to go to town to do my night round. I took the concierge’s advice to go after 8.30PM when streets come to life, and men he was right. Mmmmmmm how would I define Patong Beach Town, let me put it this way, it is Patpong (in Bangkok) on steroids, or even better… if Patpong would be a country, Patong Beach would be the main capital. WOW was crazy, loud, campy and full full full of people, both locals and tourists. The whole island of Phuket is the same size of all Singapore, which you can drive for north to south in over an hour. There are several towns named after the beach or bays around them. Patong Beach, would be the internationally most touristy and renown beach spot in Phuket.

I am still trying to analyze, whether I liked it, hated it or what…. without a doubt, is those type of places that do leave an impression on you, regardless of which that is. Did I enjoy it ? YES very much, it is so campy, loud and crazy, that it is unique on its kind. Would I have spent more time there…. NO, I think that the two hours I spent there were more that sufficient. So since, I might still be in shock ha ha ha, I will let the images speak for themselves, and you make your own conclusions. BTW I am being very soft core, because trust me, there is a whole other side of Patong Beach, that I will not be covering, if you know what I mean.

The area around Bangla Road is the busiest and craziest in Patong Beach. Most of the tourist congregate around this area to see the stalls with fake brands, the bars and most important the food stalls with options for all budgets, flavors and origins.

And this video was taken on the outskirts of Patong Beach, on my way back to Le Meridien hotel on my local Tuk Tuk. So I must say it does not portrait in full the craziness of this charming, in its own particular way, town. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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