Looking for your own personal shopper in your next trip to NYC?  |  New York, US  |  Longing for a style makeover? If you are not sure on what looks best on you or want someone to help you with your shopping next time you are in New York or, even find the best look for you, Daniel Lombardi is a Personal Shopper and Stylist, who will give you personalized attention, advise you on current trends, while creating a look that is distinctly your own. That is what I did last Friday and he made me go wait out of my way…
Photo above is me into my everyday working clothes, completely lost browsing through the racks what to wear to choose that perfect outfit which will suit my style, make me look trendy and keep me within the fashionistas TO WEAR list. Obviously, judging from my daily look, I need expert help, so I called my friend and professional Personal Shopper & Stylist Daniel Lombardi to help me choose four basic looks for Formal / Trendy / Evening and Night Scene.
Daniel has contacts with premium and non-commercial brands, he can pre-select clothing and accessories to highlight your needs, personal style and budget working with you for a half day, full day or hourly, all at your convenience. He can accompany you on your shopping experience or, even bring the stores directly to you to the privacy of your home or hotel. For my session he chose Behaviour New York, which concentrates on designs that are fashion forward, unique, of high quality, and using lux fabrics. Going even further into the idea of exlusivity, many pieces will be one of a kind. Behaviour carries designs from: WooYoungMi, Obscur, Br.Uno, Mauro Grifoni, Iro, Gaspard Yurkievich and more. Behaviour has two locations in Manhattan check out more @ www.behaviournewyork.com

See below the four looks Daniel chose for me. Other services include: Personal Style Analysis, Wardrobe and Closet makeovers,  Consultations on Fashion, Beauty, Hair and Grooming, Business and Social Etiquette and Lifestlyle Management. CM
Formal Carlos Melia by Daniel Lombardi and Behaviour.
Trendy Carlos Melia by Daniel Lombardi and Behaviour.
Evening Carlos Melia by Daniel Lombardi and Behaviour.
Night Scene Carlos Melia by Daniel Lombardi and Behaviour.

(*) No job is too big or too small for him !!  For inquiries or rates please contact carlos@carlosmelia.com – 646.460.6045 – Facebook or Twitter.