Phase II Gay Marriage Argentina completed  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Following our success on Phase I, this morning, very early we all came to one of the many public hospitals in the city of Buenos Aires, to have the blood tests and medical exams mandatory before being authorized to tie the knot, at least in Argentina. I must admit, without being snobbish or feeling that I am discriminating anyone with this comments, that it was a very raw and real experience. The City Hall and the marriage law dictates that you can ONLY have this exams done at a Public Hospital. When we got there, the first impression was a bit shocking, even to me… there were hundreds and hundreds of people. I would say, so far, the most confusing part of the whole Gay Wedding in Buenos Aires. That is why I decided to come along with the couple and guide them through. But as David & Edwin – Groom & Groom – described it, they were very happy to see this side of Buenos Aires too. So Phase II of my Gay Wedding Planning mission to Buenos Aires is complete, now moving on to our last step before official marriage. But today is Friday, the couple flew off to the Iguazu Falls, and I have decided to spend the entire weekend outside Buenos Aires exploring off the beaten track luxury stays, experiences and options to share with you all. Stay tuned and have a great weekend. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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