Phase III For the sake of Marriage Equality  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Phase III is complete and this morning at the City Hall #14 of the city of Buenos Aires, in front of the judge and the two witnesses, Edwin M. and David K. said to each other YES I DO, and exchanged vows and rings in a very moving and emotional, but private ceremony.
If you were a local – aka. a full resident, the cycle would end here, but since they are both natives from the United States, and we used the Temporary Residency entity, which was added to the marriage law in Argentina, there is still one more step to take care off. Tomorrow we have to present all the documentation at the local Cancilleria – Consulate, to have the Marriage License certified and apostilled.
I will tell more on this last step as part of my 101 FAQ Gay Marriage in Argentina for foreigners experience log, tomorrow. In the meantime you can see my posts on Phase I and Phase II.
Thank you Edwin and David for allowing me to be part of this important moment, and for trusting me to be your Wedding Planner. This is my 5th. wedding being planned globally and I am already booked for my 6th. Spreading love and equality around the globe. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends
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