We said present at Beyonce’s Concert London  |  London, UK  |  One of the highlights of our recent flash visit to London last weekend, was to come to see Beyonce‘s Concert at The O2 Arena. One of the first main shows of her new world tour ” Mrs Carter Show “. The most exciting moment of the night to me, was when Beyonce flew over The O2 Arena from the main stage to the center of the crowd on a very Pepsi moment flashing reds, whites and her dressed on a blue sequined bodysuit.

The second most exciting moment was, once the show was finished, thanks to Rubin Singer, to be escorted backstage with all our friends to the VIP Room, where they got to have a few minutes up-close and personal with Beyonce. The perfect sequel to Super Bowl Performance 2013It was my first time ever at The O2 Arena, and I was very much impressed . The arena was fully sold out. Of course being London, the O2 is completely covered and indoors.
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