Recoleta Cemetery Don’t cry for me Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Recoleta Cemetery  is not only the resting site of EVITA Peron, no it is much more than that. The famous Recoleta Cemetery is located at one of the most distinguished neighborhoods of Buenos Aires (Argentina). A must see and visit spot, site where some of the most renown personalities of the Argentinian history rest in peace, or so they try…

A greek doric style gate constructed in 1881, is the main entrance to the cementery. Once inside you will be amazed by the mausoleums and the general look that mimics the structure of a neighborhood… As I would call it a Dead Neighborhood (joke). The layout of the cemetery was designed by the French engineer Próspero Catelin, and was remodeled in 1881, while Torcuato de Alvear was mayor of the city, by the Italian architect Juan Antonio Buschiazzo.

Built in XVIII century, by the order of Recoletos Descalzos. The original plans included the convent and the church – Nuestra Señora del Pilar – (bulit in 1732 considered Historic National Monument). In 1822 when the order was finally dissolved, the garden of the convent was turn into the first public cemetery of the city of Buenos Aires.

The oldest graves in the cemetery are the ones of Liberto Juan Benito a black kid and the young Maria Dolores Maciel. Among the most famous and renown are the EVITA mausoleum, former President Raul Alfonsin and Ovidio Rebaudi. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends


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