Run for your life in London’s tunnels |  London, UK  |  Today two of my local friends took me to the weirdest and show I have participated on in my life, by the name … and the darkness descends. The theatre group Punchdrunk team-up with PlayStation 3 for an alternate reality gaming experience in preparation for the release of Resistance 3, in the tunnel area of Leak Street at Waterloo, and I got invited to experience it. I will not say it was truly scary, but literally felt like I was in the middle of a Jigsaw SAW movie, and by the end of it I could not wait for the event to finish running out as fast as I could, for my life.

By Punchdrunk (who did The Masque of the Red Death at Battersea Arts Centre and Tunnel 228 at the Old Vic Tunnels), you are invited to play an interactive game underneath the Waterloo Station Arches in London. At the event, you become both an audience members and a character within the performance, working with other participants in order to survive…or at least continue your role in the event! My personal experience was fantastic. The event takes 15 minutes, in which your involvement with the situation keeps growing, the adrenaline goes crazy, and by the end of it you are just running to survive and exit this huge derelict compound filled with crazy people and killers in the middle of the absolute darkness. It might sound silly, but I must say that my heart was pounding like crazy when finally, I along 3 other in the group out of eight that started the game, managed to exit the compound and survive. (the host greeted us, explained us the mission, and warned us, what ever it might happen Never look back, Find a friend, Run for your life.
Unfortunately this event is fishing tomorrow SEP 4th., but since I found it to be so original and in a scary way so much fun, I would suggest that if you plan to come to London, check the area of Leak Street and follow the upcoming events by Punchdrunk a group that since 2000 has pioneered  a game changing form of immersive theater in which roaming audiences experience epic story telling inside sensory theatrical worlds. Funny in a scary way, entertaining and original. CM

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