Sand Boarding in Praia da Joquina Florianopolis  |  Florianopolis, Brazil  |  There is a first time in life for everything, they say right, and this time here in Florianopolis, where I have been spending this full week, was the time for Sand Boarding (or should I say SAD Boarding, judging by the videos below). Same as Snow Boarding, but in the warm hemisphere, in between the sand dunes of Praia do Joquina, only minutes away from Lagoa da Conceicao and Praia Mole in Brazil. Only 20 Reales for a full hour of adrenaline, stunning 360 panoramic views, and lots of fun.

So this was my first try ever, and after building so much expectation I must say that I sucked at it. Come on not only 4 seconds I managed to stay on top of the game. But after that, and away from the camera, I practiced for over 15 minutes and got much much better. You have to different dunes, one for the beginners and the second one for professionals. This last one has the most amazing views of the dunes and Praia da Joaquina in the horizon surrounded by mountains. My recommendation is to come either very early in the morning or around 5PM to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

After several tries and falls, I managed to get my balance together and stay on the board the whole ride. Even while filming myself with my phone. At the end of my hour, I got my courage and jump into the steep professionals slope, and made it safely all the way down. Such a rush of adrenaline. LOVE IT. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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