Shabu-Shabu Restaurant Makati |  Manila, Philippines |  My local Filipino friends “FREN” took me tonight to the Greenbelt Shopping Mall in the Makati residential area of Manila, to have a fantastic dinner. Shabu-Shabu is a very well know restaurant chain in Philippines, with international ramifications. The concept is very simple… but messy and very very tasteful. The best way to explain it and describe it is a Japanese tuned Fondue.
The waiter pours the chicken broth into your pot, which is placed in a whole in your table with a heat control, and from there dinner begins. Using the Chicken broth, is how you will be cooking all the different vegetables, proteins, pasta and rice included in the menu.
Break the eggs and separate the whites from the yolk. Dip the whites into the chicken broth and let it cook. The yolk, mix it with the soy sauce. Now using all the products that the waiter will bring to the table: vegetables, bok choi, chicken, shrimp, crab, lobster, tofu, rice pasta and more… just dip them into the chicken broth and let them cook and settle. You are now ready and well inform to enjoy your best Shabu-Shabu experience. Our dinner was USD 20 ( Philippines Peso 800 ) per person. CM