20120706-070549.jpg Shakespeare at Regent’s Park Open Air Theater | London, England | yesterday I carried on with my Shakespeare experience, which I began at Stratford-upon-Avon, and I came to the lovely Regent Park to see a moderm fabulous interpretetion of Midsummer Night Dream, and I loved it.
20120706-071120.jpgThey couldn’t have chosen a better setting for this play, and shocking the weather was good and kind to us indeed. An open outdoors stage, that in perfect synchro with the play, which by the way lasts over three hours, goes from day to night, to complete the mid summer night dream.
20120706-071549.jpgAs you arrive to the theater, around 6.15 dinner is served, and the options are multiple: full seat down two courses meal with dessert and tea during interval, pinic right on the lawn area or just drinks over at the bar. We went for the full seated dinner. I must say, food was good but small, so keep that in mind.
20120706-072021.jpgIt was a great experience weather permits. It amazes me the twist on the modern versions of Skakespeare I have seen in the last two days, Julio Cesar and Midsummer Night Dream . Friendly versions, still with deep old traditional British accent, but the best way to narrow the gap between the younger generations (me included ha ha) and this classics. Bring a jacket over, since as the sun sets it gets quite chilli.
20120706-072536.jpgNot the most traditional tourist attraction when visiting London, but worst the time one hundred percent. CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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