Shrek the Musical at Theatre Royal in London  |  London, UK  |  My first true West End musical in London, and must say it was surprisingly brilliant. I mean you have to love Shrek and the whole story, it is such a lovely cliche, sarcastic and extremely funny. Shrek is being played at the beautiful Theatre Royal in the area of Covent Garden. My favorite moments were the scene between Donkey and the Dragon, and the grand finale. Awkward or weak moments to me were the fight between Shrek and the Dragon to release Princess Fiona from her captivity at the tower, and the the moment that Fiona finds out the Shrekis an Ogre. Best performance by Nigel Harman as Lord Farquaad, just beyond funny, although of a bit copycat of Austing Powers. A bit of a disappointment was the performance of Donkey, which shines in the beginning, fades away in the middle and recovers right at the very end. But from what I heard, tonight was being performed by an understudy, while the regular Donkey by Richard Blackwood promises and delivers. Overall a Fun Fun Time, full of laughter and sing along catchy moments. Worth seeing if you have the time and extra money. !!!  Special Thanks to Dreamworks and The Corner Shop PR for the invite. CM

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