Signal Restaurant at the Cape Grace Hotel  |  Cape Town, South Africa  |  Looking for a romantic, classy and special evening enjoying amazing food and local South African wines… well then Signal Restaurant at the Cape Grace Hotel in the V&A Waterfront is a must try and taste. Signal Restaurant offers creative Cape cuisine that’s fresh and inventive. Led by Executive Chef, Malika van Reenen, Signal Restaurant draws on influences from the many nationalities and customs that have shaped this region since being settled in 1652; namely Dutch and British settlers, French Huguenots, Asian traders and African cultures.
Warm ambience, chandeliers, wooden furniture, candle lights and the amazing views of the Waterfront Marina. Isn’t that the perfect recipe for a romantic evening, to be match with exquisite dishes and wines. ? Indeed it was trust me. Voted Best Deluxe Restaurant in the August 2009 V&A Restaurant Awards. The new haven for diners at Cape Grace was named Signal Restaurant in honour of and unique piece of the Cape’s heritage. Once a day, Capetonians check their watches. Now, this in itself is not very unusual. The strangeness comes into the fact that everyone looks at their watches at exactly the same time without consciously thinking about it. At exactly 12h00 every day, a loud bang fired from cannon on Signal Hill announces to the city that midday has arrived.
I was truly delighted by all three courses. But I must admit, since I was staying at the Cape Grace Hotel, that the following morning at breakfast the service fall short with cold coffee, and cold omelette. I mention this to contrast the service and experience at the same restaurant at two different times of the day. I was kind of disappointed the following morning, expecting to experience the same outstanding service as the previous evening. Sorry photos are not great this time, but the dim lights and romantic candles were not working properly with my iPhone.

Constructive criticism, knowing from experience, that they have what they need to offer one of the best breakfasts in town. They just need to have the feedback of people like us, to challenge themselves. I strongly recommend dinner at Signal Restaurant, for the cuisine, the experience and the service.
Cheese platter with confit figs and brioche bread…. a must to end your culinary experience in style with some local Rooibos Tea my new absolute favorite infusion. CM

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