Skeppsholmen Hotel | Stockholm, Skeppsholmen Island, Sweden   I would risk to say that from now on, Skeppsholmen Hotel is among my top choice of hotels around the world. I would certainly come over and visit over and over. You may find it basic or not luxurious enough. But to me, same as always, Skeppsholmen Hotel gave me the true Stockholm experience that I was looking for. Design style, boutique, small venue, personalized service, warm atmosphere, amazing views of Stockholm city and fun crowd. 
Locate on in the middle of vibrant Stockholm city, in its stimulating artistic centre with celebrated neighbours such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Swedish Museum of Architecture. Skeppsholmen – a lush and green spot in the middle of the hectic capital, an oasis with art and culture in buzzing maritime surroundings. A short walk to Kungsträdgården – the absolute city centre – and the Old Town, passing the renowned National Museum.
Discover an urban oasis with a genuine feeling of casual luxury and a charming, warm and caring personality. Hotel Skeppsholmen offers an inspirational mix of a unique 1700’s historic building with stylish modern design signed by Claesson Koivisto Rune.

A quiet and peaceful place, yet in the hub of the Swedish capital. Where you can charge up your creative batteries, either by staying indoors and enjoying the exclusive interior design of the hotel and its lounges or by exploring the treasures in our neighbourhood. We recommend a visit at the Museum of Modern Art or a walk around the islet itself. The artistic theme uniting the hotel and its facilities is ‘Fog’, describing a natural and eternal phenomenon of enchanting beauty inspiring to contemplation, as well as relating to the surrounding waters and Hotel Skeppsholmen’s marine historical past.
The premises of Hotel Skeppsholmen have a long and colourful history. It was originally built in 1699-1702 with the purpose of housing the Royal Marines of Karl XII. Since Sweden’s financial situation of the time was poor, most of the building material came from ruined castles on the countryside. The buildings, known to locals as “The Long Row”, was never used for the soldiers as intended, as most of them never made it home from the wars. They were therefore left inhabited until 1710, when the city started using them as a hospice for poor people infected with the plague. Several years later and after some renovation work, the buildings became offices and storehouses for the Navy, but also housing for military employees. The Martial Court was accommodated here too. In the 1900’s most of the space was turned into apartments for Navy staff, mostly officers and their families, and in the 2000’s it was once again adapted to be used as administrative offices. In 1935 the buildings became government listed historic buildings and even if the architect Nicodemus Tessin Jr is most famous for the design of the Royal Castle this is one out of just two commercial edifices still remaining today. Many interesting personalities have passed by ”The Long Row” throughout the years. To honor some of the men and women who have been staying there, they have dedicated each hotel room to a prominent person from their past.

Hotel skeppsholmen is proud to present an extensive and engaging environmental program which has been awarded by the Nordic Ecolabel, already from the opening The eco cycle is a common concern and we are determined to an active part in protecting the nature and raise the level of environmental competence among our staff members and our partners.

Great restaurant and breakfast lounge to what they have called ” Social Dining “. During my stay it was all the time completely SOLD OUT. The atmosphere at this hotel is so relaxed and warm, while at the same time trendy, that you do not want to leave. A place where you can stop by for a drink, a dinner or a classic Swedish “fika” (coffee, lemonade and a choice of buns, cakes & cookies), from early in the morning to late at night. They want to unite the best of Swedish cuisine with inspiration both of today’s cooking and of traditional ingredients, with a modern twist, high quality and a bit of humor.
Once you finally get to leave the hotel, you get the most amazing views of the Stockholm bay, while you walk right into the city center (only 10 to 15 minutes away). Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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