Sky Bar and Sirocco at The Dome by Lebua  |  Bangkok, Thailand  |  Located on the 63rd floor of The Dome at lebua, Sky Bar is the trendy drink spot of Bangkok and Sirocco is the world’s highest al fresco restaurant and one of Bangkok’s most coveted dinning choices. You will be mesmerized with the breathtaking views of Bangkok and the Chao Phraya river. Now lets get something clear, not the best restaurant or drinks you will get in the world, but certainly the one of the best hot spots to hang around and be seen in Bangkok, not to mind the AMAZING 360 degrees views of the city.

This was my impression… Great views, a place I would not miss in a million years while in Bangkok, the best views of the city and the Chao Phraya River…. but rude attitude by the staff, regular food choices, and for Bangkok standards, rather pricy. It is an experience… yes indeed it is, I will not say that I truly enjoy my drink at the Sky Bar overlooking the lights of Bangkok and the dinner al fresco at Sirocco right on the balcony.
A whole turn off the attitude of the staff. Since I got off my taxi till I got to the bar, I got asked the same question 4 times… YES DEAR I do have a reservation, made by the Chief Concierge of the Executive Floors of the Four Seasons Hotel, so back off….  and then after spending over 15K at Sirocco in a lovely dinner, do not tell me I cannot do a photo, please… we are here to relax, enjoy and pass the word to other fellow travelers, so go along with it. Again trying to be fair, great bar, great crowd, amazing views, forgettable menu but good…. I would risk to say and please correct me if I am wrong, best al fresco experience in Bangkok, but HUGE turn off by the staff. You balance and choose. Superficial me, would definitely come back for drinks at Sky Bar. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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