If you are looking to explore a destination that embodies the essence of Italy, Austria and Croatia in a tiny country, then perhaps you should visit Slovenia.

Hosted by the team at Luxury Slovenia, I came to Slovenia for my first visit ever. I must admit I did not know much about Ljubljana or the rest of the country, other than the lovely lakes – like Lake Bled. I was shocked by what I found, the beauty of it, the amazing culinary experiences, the wines and the overall journey. Slovenia is located neighboring some of the best options in Europe, to be Italy and Croatia by the Mediterranean and Adriatic Coast, and then Austria and the Alps. Below is my list of favorite restaurants during my time in Ljubljana, Goriska Brda, Piran and Lipica. Bon Appetite !!!

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Sunset in Piran my week in Slovenia hosted by Luxury Slovenia.



If you are looking for quintessential fine dining in Ljubljana, Restavracija JB is the place to be. The restaurant is a real gourmet’s paradise. Its beginnings can be traced back to the year 1992 when Janez Bratovž, having gained invaluable experience abroad, returned home to Slovenia after 5 years. JB Restaurant with its chef Janez Bratovž was the first Slovenian restaurant to make the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. The menu is based on the relationship between the four classical elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire, each representing a taste – sweet, salty, sour and bitter. The atmosphere and chef’s clever dishes create the ambiance of harmonious luxury.

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Lovely lunch Al-Fresco at the Ljubljana Castle at Strelec Restaurant. Perched high up in the archer’s tower, Ljubljana castle’s new restaurant overlooks the city from a grand position. A combination of the Roman Emona, Medieval and modern in terms of both cuisine and ambiance, the menu was created with the help of top ethnology professor Dr. Janez Bogataj. Historically reminiscent dishes of slick gourmet modernity are crafted with ingredients from Ljubljana’s famed market by the star of the show: chef Igor Jagodic. Recognized as one of the top three chefs in Slovenia, he was previously at the renowned Vila Bled, and now takes care of the sublime offerings at Strelec.


Bled. One of the most beautiful tourist places in Slovenia, a treasure trove of natural beauty, is worldwide known for its lake with an island. Above it rises a mighty cliff, where for more than a thousand years Bled Castle reigns and offers superb views of the beauties of Bled and the surrounding Alps. Not only the rich history and picturesque nature, one of the most recognizable elements of the castle is a restaurant that offers modern interpretations of traditional dishes and drinks. The restaurant offers traditional Slovene dishes with a modern twist and always with welcoming service.


After you take your walk along Piran, and you enjoy a cocktail overlooking the sunset over the Adriatic Coast, stroll back to the main square and have a fabulous local gourmet experience at La Bottega dei Sapori. If weather permits, make sure to request a table outdoors overlooking the square. My dinner went over fresh Octopus, Seashells, Fish and lots of Truffles and Malvasia Wines.


Kruh in Vino at Villa Vipolze in the Goriska Brda region, the Tuscany of Slovenia. The culinary journey will take you to discover the rich world of local delicacies prepared in an innovative and modern way with cold and warm appetizers. During the Summer/Spring season, outdoors seating is a must. 


How about a Picnic Al Fresco, with local wines and cheeses, surrounded by original Lipizzaner Horses from the Lipica Stud Farm, sounds to you ? The charms of the Lipica Stud Farm. are hidden in the unseen, the stories written by the local history. Only when walking on the historical paths we can truly experience the greatness of the local equestrian tradition. The history of Lipica is closely intertwined with the Habsburgs and the time when horse was considered an ideal and was at the time a crucial strategic advantage. The Lipica story begins in the 16th century when the abandoned summer residence became the court stud farm.  


AS Aperitivo is a new definition of aperitif, a social event where a glass of wine, low-alcohol cocktail or glass of Champagne are combined with home-made bread sticks, San Daniele prosciutto, canapés, olives, crisps and a relaxed atmosphere. Aperitivo is a cultural phenomenon, a place that pampers the taste buds and is a great overture for a delicious dinner worth extending into the night. Still not convinced? Try the AS Spritz, the house burger and the good company, and the rest will take care of itself.  

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