Smitten Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream San Francisco   |  Hayes Valley, San Francisco  | I know it might sound redundant, but anyone fancies fresh Ice-Cream made from the scratch. Well that is what you get if you come to Smitten Ice-Cream. Tasty, creamy ice-cream made in front of you as you order. They call it Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream. One minute, it’s milk, cream and sugar; the next minute, it’s the smoothest, most flavorful ice cream you can imagine.

Smitten (aka. be strongly attracted to someone or something) in this case the amazing Ice-Cream. Every scoop is made right before your eyes, going from raw ingredients to finished ice cream in about a minute. This means the freshest, most intensely flavorful ice cream you can imagine.
Revolutionary Production Method = Creamiest Ice Cream. They’ve developed a patented mixer that uses liquid nitrogen to quickly and consistently churn the smoothest ice cream. Why liquid nitrogen?  Because it issuper cold (-320 degrees F or 76 degrees Kelvin), and a lower ice cream-freezing temperature, results in smaller ice crystals…. And smaller ice crystals mean a creamier texture for the finished ice cream. Our mixer was specially designed to make the smallest ice crystals possible, which results in a mouthwateringly smooth and delicious ice cream for you! CM

(*) Smitten Ice-Cream is locater 432 Octavia St. #1a (corner of Octavia St. & Linden St., Hayes Valley) San Francisco, CA 94102. @