Snowmobiling in Jukkasjaroi Sweden | Today was a very exciting day. Right after breakfast and the only few hours of daylight you get here in Jukkasjaroi ( Sweden ) during the winter, out tour guide tells us… ” I have a big surprise for all of you…” So we say HEYYYYY what more Lingonberries, or Dog Sledge or….. but certainly we could not have guessed what was coming. 
Yes… one of many of my lifetime dreams was about to become a reality, SNOWMOBILING. This trip to Sweden so far has been a revelation to me. So here we went. Got my helmet and full snowmobiling gear and on. I was so ready and happy that everyone share their snowmobile except from me that I got my own private OWN. I know, no need to say that I look ridiculous in this uniform. But hey when everyone is wearing exactly the same, then you do not feel to bad or ashamed.

So I was like a kid at a candy store. I drove the snowmobile, I got to speed up as much as I wanted, and I even got down to the snow and made my own version of a Snow Angel, or whatever innocence it is left in me. BTW ICEHotel, I love your concept and the staff, but pleaseeeeee that green color on the suit… really ?
We spent almost 2 hours snowmobiling going around all areas in Jukkasjaroi, and I have to admit that in the end was as cold as it could get. My handas where literally frozen, although the handles of the snowmobiles are heated.

Right after crossing rivers and gelid frozen fields, we stopped at a little hut to enjoy a local meal cooked by our guides. This was also a technical stop for us all to warm up.
I mean, how can you say no to a full meal after an hour of freezing in the middle of the Artic, where there is nothing but beautiful and stunning sceneries of a White Frozen Dessert. ?
Heading back to the hotel was the coldest moments of this experience, specially when crossing the Rive area and the winds. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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