Stockholm Cafes put the Sweet in Swedish | The New York Times said it out loud this morning on their Sunday Travel Section and I fully second that. During my last visit to Sweden and Stockholm, two weeks ago, I had the chance to experience this myself, and I completely agree. 
It seems that both Stephen Wihtlock, reporting for The New York Times and myself fell in love with XOKO Cafeteria. Thanks to the expert advise of Magnus and Christina at Visit Sweden, our visit to Stockholm started at this tiny but charming cafeteria in Rörstrandsgatan 15. Great cafe and bistro, with the most amazing pastries, cupcakes, maccarons and the local specialty the Zaffran Bun or Saffransbulle.

My two other favorites while in Stockholm were Stockholms Stadsmission and Chokladkoppen, both located in the old section of the city, one opposite from the other surrounding the Stortorget Square. Yes I took sometime off my group and went on myself for a Pastry/Coffee experience of Stockholm, and I found this two coffee houses…. the one I strongly recommend to you all ( that if you are lucky enough to get an open seat is Chokadkoppen, which turn out to be very gay friendly. Carlos Melia Luxury Travel Curator –

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