Street Indian magician pulls two Rupees from my pants  |  Jaipur, India  |  Tell me he is not talented and extremely cute. He came into our bus, while touring around Jaipur in the northern region of  India, and performed to amaze us all with this tricks and charm. For the rest of the trip we were all playing his voice and the constant YA!!!!. What amazed me by this kids in India, is the power to survive they have, which indeed I call, quoting Herbert Spencer‘s , “The Survival of the Fittest concept. I think I should hire him to pull coins and bills out of my pants  everyday and make me rich. All the way from Jaipur in India.

Ten years ago, was my first time visit to India, this time to Mumbai. I must say at that time was a completely different country and less exposed to the foreigners and the modern world. I was working on a consulting job for Jet Airways and on my weekends I would take the time to explore around. So I went to the Gate of India, one of the main landmarks of Mumbai, to take a boat to the Elephant Island. This little girl, she might not had been older than 7, approached me and spoke fluently in six languages, until she finally found out I was originally from Argentina, carried on speaking to me in Spanish and shared with me some basic knowledge about Tango, icons of Argentina and neighbor countries. I was totally perplex and amazed by her. Once again, extreme situations and environments require the best fitted to survive and these kids are beyond our comprehension. CM

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