Tailored Lugo Caffe next to Penn Station  |  New York, United States  | Some times, appearances can be deceiving, and this was the case today with Lugo Caffe. I was invited for lunch, and being in the neighborhood we decided to go simple and quick and find a nice spot close to the area of Penn Station, which I don’t know about you, but I HATE. Nothing more impersonal and full of people/tourists, specially on a weekday at 1PM. But well we were there and so be it. Alternatives, the classics Asian, Mexican or Italian, and we went for the last one.

As you walk in, you will see to Vespas parked at the door, and as your walk into the restaurant, everything changes. I mean years of being in New York City and I have never seen this place before. The room is beautiful, the tiles on the floor, the wood work, the flowers, transporting me to a Trattoria in Rome. The service is impeccable and very professional. The room can be a bit loud, but hey it is lunch time in the heart of Manhattan  steps away from 34th Street and Penn Station, what do you expect.
Glad to say I have found a new spot in the city I feel keen to return, not only for lunch but alternatively for dinner too. The Pizza was great, although I personally like with thin crust. The Calamari where like melting in the mouth. Now off to enjoy a glass (actually two) of Lugo Spritz, my favorite Italian drink. Want the recipe, here you have it right from my visit to Verona a few years ago. www.lugocaffe.com Salut and Benvenuto. !!! CM @ Carlos Melia Recommends

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